AEMOAustralian Energy Market Operator
AEMOAction Educative en Milieu Ouvert (French: Educational Assistance in an Open Environment)
AEMOAssociazione Europea Massaggiatori Olistici (Italian: European Association of Holistic Massage)
AEMOAdvance Engineering Material Order
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In a statement, AEMO said, "Load shedding can sometimes be required when there is an imbalance between electricity demand and electricity supply .
Con mucho, la mayoria de las propuestas y aplicaciones de los AEMO pretenden realizar una modelacion a posteriori de esas preferencias; esto es perfectamente posible en problemas con dos o tres objetivos y algunas decenas de soluciones de Pareto.
Early planning for the National Transmission Network Development Plan and modelling for the Energy White Paper with AEMO and DRET
This program, which was launched in May and run as a competitive round, is the flagship initiative of ARENA and AEMOs collaboration to test proof of concept projects to support grid security and stability.
These include recent changes in the National Electricity Market, such as AEMOs requirement to have at least three synchronous generators operating in South Australia at all times, and announcements by private generators that will bolster synchronous generation capacity in the State.
It was noted that AEMO has made significant progress towards preparing our energy system for the upcoming summer, and I hope that they will be able to make a valuable contribution to the design of a national Clean Energy Target.
This is a tangible way for NSW to deliver greater security in the lead up to summer, and we welcome the partnership with ARENA and AEMO in our shared vision for a smarter future energy market, he said.
Ask AEMO how to ensure that new continuous dispatchable power is provided, including what support is needed to promote new investment.
We support the recommendations for advanced notice of closure of thermal plant and a 'dispatchability' requirement for new renewables when AEMO deems it to be necessary.
If demand response providers are activated, AEMO will also pay for usage through its existing Short Notice Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) scheme.
On 8 February, 90,000 South Australians were load-shed because AEMO inaccurately forecast electricity demand in the system and, when they realised their error, did not have enough time to direct available generation to turn on.
This is significantly less than AEMOs gas shortfall forecast of 54 to 107 PJ for 2018, which was the backdrop for last year's conference.