AEMSAsian Educational Media Service
AEMSAssociate of Engineering and Management Studies (degree)
AEMSAdvanced Event Management System (software)
AEMSAircraft Engine Management System
AEMSAdvanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor
AEMSAdvanced Element Management System
AEMSAgricultural Environmental Management Services (Oklahoma)
AEMSAutomated Energy Management System
AEMSAdvocates for Emergency Medical Services
AEMSArvinMeritor Environmental Management System
AEMSAdverse Event Management Suite (health care risk management)
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The Middle East is a key priority for AEMS and we strongly believe the combination of our global expertise, our leading-edge platforms and our local presence will offer 'best-in-class' cost effective solutions to brokers, exchanges and clearing houses in the region.
It wasn't so long ago that AEMs were strictly the stuff of science fiction movies and Disney theme parks.
Bursa Malaysia's Chief Executive Officer, Dato' Yusli Mohamed Yusoff said, "We are hopeful that any further partnership with AEMS may open up possible opportunities for further regional collaboration in technology-related areas.
Bursa Malaysia will now work closely with AEMS on the next phase of the project which will transfer the cash equity market onto the same infrastructure - which includes NSC (leading trading platform used by 14 exchanges, including the Euronext Group), ARAMIS (market surveillance platform used by 4 European Regulators), and PAM (broker workstation).
SBIJ will work closely with AEMS to enhance the platform so that it is compliant with local regulatory requirements.
AEMS decided to move its LIFFE CONNECT trading platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux after establishing that it could facilitate the next step in performance and cost reduction more effectively than other proprietary software platforms.
The key component of this strategic investment for AEMS is Syn~(R), the core technology created by Coexis, which includes an application suite developed specifically for modelling financial market applications.
AEMS, which is fitted as standard, undertakes continuous data collection from the dryer operation to maintain cost-effective timing and utilisation of the drying cycles.
So apart from the NTBs and NTMs, the AEMs must ensure there is the flow of financial lifeblood to realize the many integrative plans in the various priority sectors.
the right if the people to keep and bear Aems, shall not be infrined.
Air dryer dewpoint control including retrofitting AEMS (automatic energy management systems) to any make of dryer