AEOPAir Electronics Operator (UK and New Zealand)
AEOPArmy Educational Outreach Program (US Army)
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AEOP is charged with addressing national needs for a STEM literate citizenry through a portfolio of educational opportunities which includes unique experiences, competitions, and high school internships that aim to spark an interest in STEM and encourage participants to pursue college and careers in STEM fields.
The surveys are a tool for AEOP to collect demographic data on program participants (see Table at page 5) and other evaluation data.
Describe efforts to promote additional STEM opportunities offered through AEOP and DoD to JSHS participants.
1997): <<La accion tutorial en el ambito universitario: algunas consideraciones planteadas desde un modelo de trabajo colaborativo>>, en AEOP.
La pagina de <<orientacion psicopedagogica>> remite a la AEOP (Asociacion Espanola de Orientacion y Psicopedagogia).