AEPAArizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (Arizona State Board of Education)
AEPAAdvances in Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (Asia-Pacific Symposium)
AEPAAnimal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992
AEPAAustralian Environmental Protection Authority
AEPAAssociation of Energy Performance Assessors (UK)
AEPAAmerican Environmental Protection Agency (not official; also seen as US EPA; aka United States Environmental Protection Agency)
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Nevertheless total LPUE values did not vary significantly between BEPA and AEPA (Table 2).
After trying to use the new AEPA, Ontario farmers mounted a constitutional challenge, arguing that the AEPA infringed farm workers' rights under sections 2(d) (freedom of association) and 15 (equality) of the Charter.
Diao) is the founder, and has emerged as the leader, of the AEPA and his daughter, Susan, has been instrumental in helping the group interact with AC.
According to Lisa Schofield, PAEC's technology director, the group works with AEPA to secure solid pricing discounts for its members.
If Health Services had, despite protestations to the contrary, constitutionalized the Wagner model (as Hogg claimed), then the farm workers could challenge remaining deficiencies of the AEPA.
The AEPA provides agricultural employees with rights to form "employees' associations', defined broadly as "associations of employees formed for the purpose of acting in concert".
DOJ successfully prosecuted individuals on charges relating to animal enterprise terrorism for the first time under the AEPA in 2006 (the case had been built before the AETA had been signed into law).
247) While retaining its broad definition of an "animal enterprise," the AETA expanded the original AEPA in three fundamental ways.
65) Fraser, supra note 1 at para 334, Abella J, dissenting ("In the years since the AEPA was enacted in 2002, there is no evidence of a single successfully negotiated collective agreement or even of any negotiations").
The Fraser decision had the effect of overturning an Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) ruling that had held that the AEPA was unconstitutional.