AEPCApparel Export Promotion Council
AEPCAlternative Energy Promotion Centre (Nepal)
AEPCAgence Européenne des Produits Chimiques
AEPCAssociation of European Police Colleges
AEPCAFL-CIO Employer Purchasing Coalition
AEPCAmerican Electric Power Company
AEPCAfloat Environmental Protection Coordinator
AEPCASAS/ENSCE Process Cluster
AEPCAssociation for European Paediatric Cardiologists (Association Européenne pour la Cardiologie Pédiatrique)
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Best practice--Have command AEPC complete the required course and the required PQS 4352.
With 8,000 exporters on the rolls of the AEPC, placements are not an issue for our students," Singh says.
AEPC is sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Textiles and monitors garment export quotas and promotion of readymade garments.
Sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, and helmed by AEPC Disha is an initiative to driving industry towards sustainable human capital advancement.
AEPC will share the expenses to build the fiber optic line, so each company can meet individual objectives while reducing costs.
On the Tirupur business acumen, Chairman AEPC said that, "People here are very determined.
24 Dec 09, 2008: AEPC Announces Fund Shortage to Accomplish Alternative Energy Programmes in Nepal 316
This will involve a limited financial grant contribution by AEPC using SREP funds for "viability gap financing" or "capital cost buy-down" up to 20% up to a max.
AEPC Member Organizations To Gain Greater Health Care Transparency, Including Information To Help Them Manage Their Health Benefits
The AEPC along with the SRTEPC and the TEXPROCIL are participating in the Fair.
AEPC Group, LLC, 5000 Executive Parkway, Suite 475, San Ramon, CA 94583; Tel: 925-277-3050, Fax: 925-824-0102
NEW YORK -- AEPC Chooses ActiveHealth's Informed Care Management Program To Improve Health Care Quality and Help Members Cope with High-Cost Chronic Conditions