AEPCOArizona Electric Power Cooperative
AEPCOAdvanced Engineering and Planning Corporation (Gaithersburg, MD)
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ENVIRONMENTAL COST PRESSURE: Power costs may increase significantly depending on the outcome of a still unresolved dispute between AEPCO and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over haze related emissions from its two coal units.
INCREASED COST OF POWER: An unfavorable resolution to the ongoing dispute between the EPA and AEPCO that significantly raises SSVEC's cost of power could put downward pressure on the rating unless offset, as expected, by SSVEC's wholesale power and fuel cost adjustor.
Furthermore, on October 1st, 2011, AEPCO will begin providing trade execution services to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) to support approximately 475MW of peak load, in addition to AEPCO's existing 575MW of firm peak load.
Patrick Ledger, Executive Vice President and CEO of AEPCO stated, "Our Board and senior management thoroughly evaluated the decision to leverage our membership in APM more fully.
AEPCO will extend the Group's support services in the US to higher added value contracts supplementing VT's existing work in base operations and systems upgrades for naval vessels.
VT Services Chief Executive Ken Smith commented: "The acquisition of AEPCO, particularly in light of the new contract wins, will help us to grow our business in the US further with its logistics, engineering and management skills.
AEPCO has expansion plans in the Southwest that will require additional risk management services from APM, and these will be more cost efficient for AEPCO through membership.
Legends/Community Service Award was won by AEPCO, Inc.
Using mySAP(TM) ERP, SAP's market-leading enterprise resource planning solution, AEPCO and its sister cooperatives -- Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services, Inc.
In response to the deregulation of the electric utility industry in Arizona, AEPCO has undertaken a major restructuring, causing the organization to vastly increase the complexity of its IT infrastructure and the support burden on the Network Services Team.
Deal Between City and AEPCO Seen as Benefit to Visitors and as Economic Development Tool
Under the agreement, AEPCO will become a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of SEXI's desktop video-teleconferencing and video distribution systems.