AEPDAdvanced Ergonomic Pattern Design
AEPDAnglo European Private Detectives (UK)
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AEPD found that the Data Protection Directive included a right
AEPD, at the Faculty of Law at Lund University in Sweden in 2014 and her academic paper on the EU right to be forgotten supervised by Professor Michael Rustad at Suffolk University Law School in his Emerging Issues in Information Technology seminar in the fall of 2012.
AEPD decision, Google appointed an advisory committee to help it determine the balance between takedown demands and the public's right to know.
The AEPD works by diverting particles in the bloodstream that might otherwise reach the brain and cause strokes that can cause irreversible damage to the delicate tissue of the brain.
MIVT recently announced that SagaX has accelerated development of the stroke-preventing AEPD implantable device, and may have the device ready for clinical use within 14 months, subject to regulatory approval.
The AEPD and similar devices could become commonplace in the near future, enhancing the success of cardiac procedures, and more importantly, improving the individual patient's health, longevity and quality of life.
The highly innovative SagaX AEPD device is designed to significantly reduce stroke occurrence, following heart operations.
Once positioned, the AEPD functions as a deflector and filter to prevent migration of embolic particles and blood clots that can obstruct or block blood vessels supplying the brain, and thus prevent strokes that can result in brain damage, disability or death.