AEPLAssembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (National Council of Teachers of English)
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He informed that AEPL is a strategic partner with Harbin Engineering China for projects in Pakistan and working with them as contractor for Electro-Mechanical Scope at the ongoing 747MW CCPP Guddu.
To a question he said that his company has sent a number of skilled Pakistani workers to UAE Saudi Arabia Iraq and other countries and 350 Pakistanis are working on a power project in Iraq adding that AEPL was the first Pakistani company to work in Iraq's energy projects.
The outlook may be revised to 'Positive' if AEPL scales up its operations significantly, while maintaining its profitability.
For 2009-10, AEPL reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs.
The rating may be upgraded if AEPL scales up its revenues, while maintaining its profitability over the medium term.
AEPL, set up in 2004, manufactures and exports woven and knit garments to leading apparel stores in the UK and the European Union.
The small size of operations of AEPL also result in low economies of scale and relatively low bargaining power vis-a-vis buyers who are larger entities.