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AERAAmerican Educational Research Association
AERAAutomotive Engine Rebuilders Association
AERAAir Emissions Risk Analysis
AERAAccelerating Economic Recovery in Asia
AERAAutomated En-Route Air Traffic Control (FAA)
AERAAmerican Equal Rights Association
AERAAmerican European Racquetball Association
AERAAmerican Electric Railway Association
AERAAutomated Enroute ATC (aviation)
AERAAdvanced Engineering and Research Associates
AERAAirborne Electronics Research Activity
AERAAlabama Education Retirees Association, Inc. (Montgomery, Alabama)
AERAActions, Etudes et Recherches autour de l'Architecture (French: Actions, Research and Studies about Architecture; business association; est. 1992)
AERAAssociation pour l'Expansion et le Rayonnement de l'Aikido (French: Association for the Expansion and Influence of Aikido; martial arts association)
AERAAnglais, Espagnol, Russe, Allemand (French: English, Spanish, Russian, German)
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Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies announced on Tuesday the receipt of clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand and include the Acclarent AERA Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System in patients as young as 18 with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
This expanded indication of Acclarent AERA , and the data regarding the procedure under local anesthesia, will help expand treatment options and bring relief to more patients with persistent ETD, said Dr.
And, just as I was thinking about writing this editorial, AERA (2017) released another statement.
at IGI Airport shall be continued only till April 30, 2016," AERA had said in a six- page order dated January 25.
One of the organizational structures within AERA is the Special Interest Group (SIG), a community of researchers interested in a specific educational topic.
Founded in 2009, AERA created their first show together, Out Through Her, which was staged for a second time the following year, due to rave reviews.
The AERA is likely to have a difficult task in promoting privatisation of airports or encouraging the creation of new ones under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), which is seen as the current panacea.
However, although the proposed law has already received cabinet approval and will be put before the Indian parliament shortly, Robey Lal, country head of International Air Transport Association (IATA) in India doubts if this provides sufficient time for a fully functional AERA to be in place before the pricing change.
Oddly, the AERA affiliations of the two editors are not stressed in the book, although the Ladson-Billings presidency is referred to in the biographical note.
The 2005 AERA panel on research and teacher education also presented a framework for teacher learning, acknowledging the importance of teacher dispositions in the development of visions of practice within learning communities (Hammerness, Darling-Hammond, Bransford, Berliner, Cochran-Smith, McDonald, et al.
gov) or visit the AERA Grants Program website (http://www.
Contributors, many of whom are founding members of this AERA group, discuss disability from critical perspectives.