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AERONETAerosol Robotic Network
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From the 1990s, after the start of the US NASA programmes AERONET, TerraMODIS, and AquaMODIS, this parameter became available and very popular (Holben et al.
The lognormal distribution as a reference for reporting aerosol optical depth statistics; Empirical tests using multi-year, multi-site AERONET sunphotometer data.
As an outpost of Taiwan's environmental quality monitoring, the Pratas Island Background Station provides AERONET with vital first-hand information on regional air pollutants, thus increasing Taiwan's visibility in the international community.
Once developed by Fowle (1912) already 100 years ago, the spectroscopic technique for PW estimation was not widely used until 1993 when AERONET was started and currently covers, with its Cimel photometers, about 400 sites in 50 countries across all seven continents.
Initial results show that data from the portable photometers correspond well with permanent AERONET stations on select islands.
The situation changed completely with the advent and expansion of the NASA huge AERONET project providing the scientific community with massive high-quality standardized global surface information on AOD[lambda] (Holben et al.
Correlations (Pearson's r) of estimated AOD with monthly mean AODs from AERONET were 0.
Successful start and expansion of the NASA AERONET global network of groundbased autonomous solar photometers provides the scientific community with massive high quality standardized information on optical properties of aerosol particles.
For the application envisioned here, the densest and most comprehensive source of data is NASA's AERONET (Holben et al.
We found little bias (< 20%) between AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork) and our combined satellite AOD in sub-Saharan Africa.
SatLink will be an important part of AERONET, the Center's global network of 165 remote sensing aerosol monitoring stations.