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AERPAero Performance Products Inc (stock symbol)
AERPAuditory Event-Related Potential (hearing)
AERPAtrial Effective Refractory Period
AERPAmboseli Elephant Research Project
AERPAdvanced Enterprise Resource Planning (software)
AERPAutomated Export Reporting Program
AERPAircrew Eye & Respiratory Protection
AERPAlternative Emission Reduction Plan
AERPAdvanced Equipment Repair Program
AERPAdoption Expense Reimbursement Program
AERPAdvanced Equipment Replacement Program
AERPArmy Excess Retention Program
AERPActive Emission Receiver Processor
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All of these effects on the ion channels collectively led to the AERP significantly prolonged so that the incidence of AF was reduced and AF was not easy to be sustained; (2) based on the antiarrhythmic experiment results, the automaticity of the cells could be reduced by SSYX capsule, the occurrence of early after depolarization was decreased, and thereby, the occurrence of arrhythmia was inhibited.
The atrial effective refractory period (AERP) was shorter and the dispersion of the AERP was higher after 8 weeks in the pacing group, while the changes were suppressed by SSYX intake.
Unfortunately, there are several limitations of the study, firstly; the sample size is very small, secondly; they have only analyzed the left atrial cells and the response of the right atrium to hyperglycemia is still unknown and thirdly; they have not assessed the possible paradoxical response of AERP to increased heart rate which is another characteristic of electrical remodeling.
It is the second in a series of events highlighting local projects supported by Objective 1 grants and the work of the AERP.
The review says the first four years of the Objective 1 programme have made a huge impact on Anglesey, with the AERP approving 35 local projects costing a total of pounds 67m, including pounds 25m of Objective 1 cash.
The current economic climate hasn't been kind to Anglesey recently,but amidst the bad news, the AERP and we as an authority are working very hard to secure the island's future prosperity.
Economic development portfolio holder and AERP member,Coun Gareth Winston Roberts, said: ``The Trac project will prove to be a great asset to Anglesey's long term economy,as it will be the only track of its kind certainly in North Wales.