AERUAtlantic Environmental Radioactivity Unit (Canada)
AERUAgriculture and the Environment Research Unit (University of Hertfordshire; UK)
AERUAdvocacy and External Relations Unit (UN)
AERUAgribusiness and Economic Research Unit (Lincoln University; New Zealand)
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Methods have been recently developed in AERU for determining the age of fish through measurements of the isotope pair, 210Pb/226Ra, in the fish otolith or ear bone and for the ageing of crabs and other crustaceans through measurements of 228Th/228Ra in their carapaces.
AERU report prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development, Wellington.
The Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy (CREDS) was prepared by a research team appointed at the end of November 2008, comprised of the AERU research unit at Lincoln University and the region's five economic development agencies: Enterprise North Canterbury, Canterbury Development Corporation, the economic and community development officers in the Selwyn District Council, Enterprise Ashburton and the Aoraki Development Trust.
AERU, Faisalabad (1998) Wheat Situation in the Irrigated Punjab, 1998: Results From a Survey in the Major Cropping Zones.
Building upon a growing customer base in the region, Magor's cloud-based Aerus platform is witnessing strong demand for security applications, said the company which has timed the launch with its participation at the ongoing Intersec 2014 conference.
aka Aerus/Electrolux, aka Aerus LLC, aka Electrolux LLC, aka Aerus Holdings LLC, aka ELX Holdings, LLC, aka Electrolux Professional, Inc.
In April 2006, the Secretariat of Complementary Social Security (SPC) decreed intervention in Instituto Aerus de Seguridade Social (manager of the employee pension fund of Varig, RioSul, Varig Log and Transbrasil).
The single largest creditor is apparently the state of Brazil, while others include the pension fund Aerus as well as units of General Electric Co, Boeing Co, Goodrich Corp and International Lease Finance Corp, which is a unit of American International Group Inc.
This year she has already won the Takefuji Classic, the first Major of the year, the Nabisco Championship, the Aerus Electrolux USA Championship, the Keebler Classic, the Evian Masters and, on Sunday, the ShopRite Classic.
Sorenstam has won three times in seven starts this year, including a victory at last week's Aerus Electrolux USA Championship in Franklin, Tenn.
Since the ear contains air set deep within it, and since it is 'untroubled by ordinary aerial disturbances,' sounds, 'being moving, animated air,' must 'combine directly with the spiritus aerus in the ear.
29533) Director of Tax Aerus LLC 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1500 Dallas, TX 75225 (214) 378-4023 FAX: (214) 378-4058 E-Mail: sedupuganty@aerusonline.