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We are very pleased with the support we've received from the Bulgarian government on this project and look forward to a long-term partnership with them," said Matthew Bartley, Executive Director, AES Maritza East 1.
AES currently operates 274 MW of wind farms in California, in addition to the wind generation facilities it operates in Colorado, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming.
In Chile, AES Gener is constructing a 120 MW power plant and is planning to build two coal-fired power plants totaling 450 MW.
AES's partnerships with Los Alamos and XL Tech Group - an architect and builder of high value new businesses, primarily in the ecotech, biotech and medtech fields - give AES the opportunity to develop and commercialize proprietary energy-related technologies developed by these entities.
Successful completion of the AES validation tests is required to claim conformance to the AES as specified in FIPS 197.
AES named Pete Convery as Plant Manager of TEG and TEP.
Last April, AES announced the formation of its alternative energy group, making a $1 billion commitment to investments in wind power generation, LNG and climate change sectors.
Over the last six years, we have steadily improved and expanded electricity generation and distribution across Cameroon," said Jean David Bile, CEO of AES SONEL.
AES has committed more than $150 million to emissions control projects in upstate New York since 1999.
The AES-GCM core integrates a Galois Field multiplier and an AES core to meet high data-rate requirements of many security applications such as MACsec, IPsec, tape storage and Fibre Channel security.
AES Panama benefits from a portfolio of existing low-cost hydroelectric generating assets, including dam-based (reservoir) and run of the river units.
AES Cartagena will be instrumental in fueling that expansion," said John McLaren, AES President of Europe, CIS and Africa.