AESAActive Electronically Scanned Array
AESAAgence Européenne de la Sécurité Aérienne (French: European Aviation Safety Agency)
AESAAssociation of Educational Service Agencies
AESAActive Electronically Steered Array (aka Active Electronically Scanned Array; radar technology)
AESAATM End System Address
AESAAtmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft
AESAAviation & Electronic Schools of America (Colfax, CA)
AESAAutorité Européenne de Sécurité des Aliment (French: European Food Safety Authority)
AESAThe Ancient Egypt Studies Association
AESAArizona Emergency Services Association (Phoenix, AZ)
AESAAssociation of Environmental Scientists and Administrators
AESAAssign-and-Estimate Scheduling Algorithm
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On the other hand member farmers' competency in control of harmful insects were at the bottom in this activity, whereas non-members had lowest competency in conduction of AESA activity.
One notable design feature of the CAPTOR-E is its so-called 'Swash Plate' which allows its AESA antenna to be tilted in several directions, the logic behind this being to increase the radar's FOV beyond 120 degrees.
There is a growing need for a modular, stackable AESA radar system that can be quickly configured to a wide variety of applications, including: naval, airborne, vehicle-mounted, and ground-based systems; coastal, harbor, and border security; air traffic control; foreign object detection (FOD) for airport runways; satellites; and data links.
Ivanov said that the European Commission is the only body which can decide whether NEKas purchases of electricity produced by AESA GalabovoA andA ContourGlobalA Maritza East 3A at the current prices constitutes illegal state aid.
Como ciudadano afectado, rogaria a AESA que, si le tiene sin cuidado ya la seguridad del vuelo, tomase en cuenta al menos la paz de los viajeros.
It's such a distinct honor to be called to serve as president-elect of such an exceptional organization as AESA," McBride said.
Saab 2000 MPA which is being offered for India's Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance (MRMR) program will be equipped with the state-of-art Selex Fifth Generation AESA radar and RBS-15 Anti Ship Missile.
At a meeting with the AESA last month, Flightline outlined how it had taken action to address the problems identified by the inspections.
IAI had also viewed the Indian Aeronautical Development Agency's Tejas light combat aircraft as a potential candidate for the AESA radar.
The microwave circuit boards are wanted by two leading European radar manufacturers for AESA - Active Electronically Scanned Array - radar equipment.
Raytheon's B-2 AESA radar system is performing well so far during the flight test phase,'' said Erv Grau, vice president for the Air Combat Avionics Group of Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems.