AESDArmy Enterprise Service Desk (US Army)
AESDAdvanced Embedded System Design (computing)
AESDAdvanced Electric Ship Demonstrator
AESDAdvanced Energy Systems Division (ASME)
AESDAdvanced European Scientific Diver
AESDAndreas Elkjær Sound Design (Danish Sound Designer)
AESDAgricultural Engineering Services Directorate (Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana)
AESDAcoustic Environmental Support Detachment
AESDAdvanced Electronics School Division
AESDAgency for Economy and Space Development
AESDAssociation des Elèves du Secondaire de Notre District
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The 15 technical committees of AESD participate in a host of events held both in the United States and abroad.
This special section on advanced energy systems - Mechanical Engineering's eighth such section in as many years - includes four articles that represent the breadth of interests of AESD members and the extent to which their field covers important energy-related technologies.
The manufacturing sector continues to see drops in employment numbers as plant closings and layoffs continue," Ed Rolle, AESD director, said.
The articles demonstrate the wide range of interests of AESD members, unified by the goal of achieving more effective use of our energy resources.
Although total nonfarm employment is down slightly since November, mainly the result of layoffs within the services sector, record employment levels were set in transportation and public utilities, trade and finance-insurance-real estate," said Ed Rolle, AESD director.
The division also published special sections in the June 1988, August 1989, and September 1990 issues of Mechanical Engineering with contributions thus far from 10 of the 13 AESD technical committees.
This special section on advanced energy systems includes contributions from 4 of the 12 AESD technical committees (Fuel Cells; FluidizedBed Combustion Systems; Energy Storage and Transport Technologies; and Thermionic, Thermoelectric and Thermal Management).
All questions are to be directed in writing no later than (Tuesday) March 8, 2016 by AESD District Facilities, Phone: 209-357-6115.