AESLAero Engine Services Ltd. (Australia and New Zealand)
AESLAgricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
AESLAmerican English Spoken Lexicon (Linguistic Data Consortium; University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
AESLAcademic English as a Second Language (various locations)
AESLAmerican English as a Second Language
AESLAssociated Engineering Services Ltd. (Belize)
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AESL MD Malcolm Wayman said: "The BIC was chosen as the best place to operate the newly formed business because it offered a good combination of on-site support and flexibility in meeting developing office and workshop requirements.
AESL has continued to broaden its market and now employs some 40 staff plus contractors.
AESL) and Vice-President of AESL; Consultant to Esso (Exxon) as Project Engineering Manager for the conceptual development of a 100,000 Bbl/Day in-situ Oil Sands recovery project; Lead Mechanical Engineer and Corporate Engineering Manager for AESL during detailed design of Syncrude's 125,000 Bbl/Day Oil Sand extraction plant facilities; Senior Vice President of Associated Pullman Kellogg Ltd.