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AETAetna, Inc.
AETAdjuvant Endocrine Therapy (women's health)
AETAustralian Eastern Time (time zone)
AETAfter Extra Time
AETAircraft Electronics Technician (National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies)
AETAdvanced Energy Technology (various locations)
AETAcer Empowering Technology
AETAide à l'Enfance Tibétaine (French: Help Tibetan Children)
AETAetatis (Latin: Of Age)
AETActual Evapotranspiration
AETAnesthesia End Time
AETApplied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.
AETAtelier Européen de la Traduction (French: European Translation Workshop)
AETAdvanced Evasion Technique
AETAlliance for Environmental Technology
AETAfrica Educational Trust (London, UK)
AETAssistant English Teacher
AETApparent Effects Threshold
AETApplication Entity Title
AETAssociation Européenne de Terminologie (French: European Association for Terminology; Brussels, Belgium)
AETAbility Engineering Technology (South Holland, IL)
AETAffective Events Theory
AETAlternate Energy Technologies, LLC (Jacksonville, FL)
AETAssociation of Electrical Technologists (Purdue University; Indiana)
AETAdvanced Engine Technology (Canada)
AETAvionics Electrical Technician (US Coast Guard)
AETAtrial Ectopic Tachycardia
AETAminoethylisothiouronium (radiation protection agent)
AETAmerican Engineering Testing, Inc
AETAntimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
AETApports Energétiques Totaux (French: Total Energy Intake)
AETAdvanced Extraction Technologies, Inc
AETAnnual Ethics Training
AETAllakaket, AK, USA (Airport Code)
AETActual Evapo-Transpiration
AETArmy Extension Training
AETAerospace Engineering Technician
AETAcoustic Emission Technique
AETAircrew Egress Trainer
AETAssociated Environmental Trainer (NETA)
AETAscent Ephemeris Tape
AETAutomatic Equipment Test (Sprint)
AETAllowable Elapsed Time
AETAsynchronous Encodings in Tandem
AETAlgorithm Evaluation and Test
AETAeromedical Evacuation Technician
AETAccelerated Environmental Test
AETAerosurface End-to-end Test
AETAction Extreme Team (USA network show)
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In this standard, a method is described, and recommendations for the equipment allowing measurement of the AET impulse and frequency responses are provided.
The two LR2 product vessels are tied to long term time charters which AET has been awarded with a strategic oil major client.
By developing a set of dynamic AETs, the hacker creates a "master key" to penetrate any locked-down network to exploit and compromise vulnerable target victims.
He said: "Ms Blencowe is employed by the AET and it was her decision to take up a similar position in January with a new AET Academy closer to her home.
A property at 2003 Military Road in Jacksonville served as collateral for the two AET loans, so FAB&T is asking a Pulaski County judge for permission to sell the land, which, according to the AET website, once housed the company's office.
The key components of the AET telemedicine system include a 32" television monitor, otoscope and three magnification scopes for throat, skin, eyes and ears.
Anyone wishing to attend should contact the AET at info@autismeducationtrust.
To get more info on the AET system you can call 800-552-5512.
AET, a market leader in bio-sensor technology, supplies its products to companies in a variety of fields, including the pharmaceutical industry and agricultural and food companies
We are leveraging our research excellence in all areas to encompass fuel cell catalysts, thermal management, control systems, smart sensors, process safety, vehicle design, traffic simulation, infrastructure management and engineering management to develop state-of-the-art courses in AET," said WSU associate professor of mechanical engineering Jerry Ku.
Chapter II sets this context: Canada is a country in which legislative authority is shared by federal, provincial, and territorial governments; education is primarily the constitutional responsibility of provincial/territorial governments; AET policies and programs are complex and diverse; and they are affected by social, political, and economic factors.
Even GM is interested enough to have signed a letter of intent that calls for AET to provide it with testing results.