AETDApplied Engineering and Technology Directorate (NASA)
AETDAboriginal Education and Training Directorate (East Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
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A recent full-engine demonstration marks the end of GE's ADVENT program, but manufacture and test activities for the follow-on AETD program have only just begun.
Solamente 3 articulos han descrito el uso de AETD para cirugia pulmonar y pleural (5, 15, 16), pero no hay estudios en los que se haya incluido a pacientes de cancer sometidos a procedimientos toracoscopicos.
Decidimos adelantar un estudio prospectivo para analizar distintos desenlaces postoperatorios de pacientes adultos programados para pleurodesis por toracoscopia al realizarse los procedimientos bajo AG o AETD.
The AETD program is an initiative by the AFRL Propulsion Directorate to mature critical fuel-burn reduction technologies and engine design features that could transition into legacy and next generation military fighter aircraft.
The AETD contract maintains a competitive engine technology environment for future Air Force combat aircraft.
Phase 1 of the AETD program, which runs through mid-fiscal year 2015, includes completing preliminary engine design, testing a full annular combustor rig, high-pressure compressor rig and components using CMCs.
The AETD program is an initiative led by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) to mature fuel efficiency technologies and engine design features that could transition into legacy and next-generation military combat aircraft.
According to the principals, the goal of the AETD program is to provide a 25% improvement in specific fuel consumption and a 10% improvement in thrust levels compared to current fifth-generation combat aircraft engines.
The AETD programme will lead to demonstration testing of an advanced high operating pressure ratio (OPR) core in late 2015, to be followed in 2016 by full engine testing of a three-stream adaptive fan and three-stream compatible augmentor and exhaust system.
In one instance, the Dell SecureWorks Incident Response team deployed AETD Red Cloak in a clients environment and within 48 hours was able to discover threat actors had compromised the environment 14 months earlier.
The AETD service is currently available in North America and will be available in EMEA in the latter part of Q2.
The AETD solution is the latest addition to Dell SecureWorks Advanced Threat Services portfolio, which includes the Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) service, and the Targeted Threat Hunting service.