AETDApplied Engineering and Technology Directorate (NASA)
AETDAboriginal Education and Training Directorate (East Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
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The AETD program is an initiative led by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) to mature fuel efficiency technologies and engine design features that could transition into legacy and next-generation military combat aircraft.
According to the principals, the goal of the AETD program is to provide a 25% improvement in specific fuel consumption and a 10% improvement in thrust levels compared to current fifth-generation combat aircraft engines.
In addition to the initial design review, the Pratt & Whitney AETD team said it has completed several major milestones over the past year that include hardware assembly for an initial rig test evaluation of Pratt & Whitney's adaptive fan concept scheduled for this summer at the Air Force compressor research facility.
The AETD program is an initiative by the AFRL Propulsion Directorate to mature critical fuel-burn reduction technologies and engine design features that could transition into legacy and next generation military fighter aircraft.
The AETD contract maintains a competitive engine technology environment for future Air Force combat aircraft.
Phase 1 of the AETD program, which runs through mid-fiscal year 2015, includes completing preliminary engine design, testing a full annular combustor rig, high-pressure compressor rig and components using CMCs.
Pratt & Whitney's AETD team is designing an engine that will offer superior, modern multi-role capabilities for the warfighter, including a three-stream adaptive fan; a high-efficiency and high-pressure ratio compression system which takes advantage of advanced commercially-derived aerodynamics; a high-temperature, high-efficiency turbine; an optimized three-stream compatible exhaust system and an advanced engine thermal management system with greatly enhanced thermal capacity, according to Jeff Schweitzer, Pratt & Whitney AETD program director.
With that foundation in place, along with the tremendous progress we've made to date with our Air Force teammates, we're anxious to move into the next phase of the AETD program.
Over a three-month period Roger led a Pratt & Whitney technical team to define a ground-breaking engine configuration, complete an early engine concept design, communicate the large benefits of Pratt & Whitney's offering to the customer, and write an outstanding technical proposal for the AETD program," said John Wiedemer, chief engineer for Advanced Engines.
In delivering the managed AETD service, Dell SecureWorks is using its proprietary Endpoint Threat Intelligence technology and specialized signatures in combination with Carbon Black from Bit9, an endpoint threat detection platform.
The AETD program will lead to demonstration testing of an advanced high operating pressure ratio (OPR) core in late 2015, to be followed in 2016 by full engine testing of a three-stream adaptive fan and three-stream compatible augmentor and exhaust system.
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