AETFAir and Space Expeditionary Task Force (US DoD)
AETFArmy Evaluation Task Force
AETFAll-England Theatre Festival (UK)
AETFAustralasian Emissions Trading Forum (est. 1998; now Asia-Pacific Emissions Trading Forum)
AETFAll Europe Taekwondo Federation (Lublin, Poland)
AETFAzimuth Error Test Feature
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The ability of an AETF, Air Expeditionary Wing, or Expeditionary Operations Group commander to assume control authority of otherwise independent or isolated forces is fundamental to the concept of distributed control.
The gathered measures form five nodes Node's Success ACTS AETF STC FTC Suggested Name Ratio Cost Node1 89% 41 min 63 min 7.
Soldiers at the AETF have already conducted testing on FCS equipment while acting as a heavy brigade combat team.
The AETF mission of testing and evaluation is vital in determining where Soldiers want to go with the FCS equipment, Hardy said.
Building on the mechanism of the AETF, it should cobble together an expeditionary task force that provides ground-centric UN or regional peacemakers with theater and tactical mobility as well.
26) The AETF is currently undergoing small unit training, and it is anticipated that it will begin training in September 2007 on some of the equipment the Army intends to "spin out" to current forces in 2008.
1, 12 (2002); Josh Carmody, Baker & McKenzie, International Trading Schemes: Lessons and Links, Presentation at the AETF & CRC for Greenhouse Accounting Sydney Seminar, at slide 15 (Apr.
AETF chairs and members contributed to the report included in the publication: 2003 Progress Report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (UNEP, 2003b).
The 16th AETF was originally to be based throughout Turkey along with the U.
Having met delivery requirements of our Army contract, we are very much looking forward to working with FFID, the Soldiers of the AETF, and the technicians at CERDEC.
They were also crowned runners-up in the Warwickshire one-act play festival, which was running at the same time as the AETF.
The AETF was supported by civilian white coats (engineers, data collectors, and technicians), who all played various roles during the exercise.