AEWRAdverse Effect Wage Rate (US DOL; agriculture)
AEWRAdult Education for Work-Related Reasons (survey; National Center for Education Statistics)
AEWRAirborne Early Warning Radar
AEWRAtmospheric, Environmental and Water Resources (degree program)
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52) The Secretary is responsible for setting the AEWR, that is the minimum wage that the DOL determines is necessary to ensure that the wages of similarly situated domestic workers will not be harmed by the presence of the foreign workers.
NHES is a random-digit-dial telephone survey, and the sample chosen for the AEWR is representative of civilian, noninstitutionalized adults age 16 and older in the United States who were not enrolled in 12th grade or below at the time of the survey.
The overall response rate for the 2003 AEWR, which is the product of the response rate for a screener questionnaire and the response rate for the AEWR interview, is 52.