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AF2Activation Function 2
AF2Arenafootball 2
AF2Aircraft Maintenanceman Second Class (Naval rating)
AF2Accessory Factor 2
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The regular season will begin March 29 or 30 with the "Kickoff 2001" game in which the af2 defending-champion Quad City Steamwheelers will play host to the Peoria Pirates.
The NFL Officiating Department will oversee the endeavor for both the AFL and af2 with assistance from four regional supervisors -- Jim Lapetina in the North, Ed Manning in the East, Bob Mantooth in the West, and Buddy Ward in the South.
The Wranglers' front office will lend their Arena Football experience and their management expertise to the af2 team, working directly with the organization's local staff.
A: The proposed AF2 will be used to provide essential inputs which will allow hospitals and PHUs to provide PBF services effectively, including medical equipment for hospitals ($3.
In addition to our modeling, our previous findings using reporter assays in HepG2 cells indicated that the AF2 domain within the ER [alpha]LBD is crucial for D3 transcriptional activity, as mutations in the AF2 domain blunted D3 mediated transcriptional responses (Winuthayanon et al.
Correlation of Separate Quest Scale Combined whth Combined Item Components Separate Quest Scale Components Combined BF1 RMSF1 AF2 AF1 BF2 BF3 AF3 Quest Items Components QF1 0.
In Bossier City in Week 6, Harper caught a 2009 af2 single-game best 22 passes for 251 yards and six touchdowns, the fourth best receiving night in league history and a Twisters record in catches and yards.
We expect to be in Worcester in 2010," Marc Lestinsky, af2 director of media relations, said.
Experiment Number of revertants/plate * TA 98 TA 100 -S9 +S9 -S9 +S9 Background 19 28 125 128 Plant extract ([mu]g/ plate) 10 19 28 125 141 25 43 28 139 156 50 67 28 160 134 100 52 28 125 128 Standard mutagen AF2 (a) 386 - 588 - 2-AA (b) - 458 - 690 Experiment Number of revertants/plate * E.
The pad can be fitted to Buetfering's single headed AWS Combi machines or multiple headed AWS2, AWS3, AF2 and AF3 machines and to the AL-E lacquer sander.
Project includes the local road improvements in support of I-95 AF2 (main line I-95).
During the course of the Manchester Wolves-Albany Conquest af2 football game, two teams of local business professionals will take part in fun and competitive "office Olympics" events designed to test their teamwork skills.