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AFAAAerobics and Fitness Association of America
AFAAAssociation Francaise d'Action Artistique (French: French Association for Artistic Action)
AFAAAir Force Audit Agency
AFAAAmerican Fighter Aces Association (Seattle, WA)
AFAAAutomatic Fire Alarm Association, Inc.
AFAAAnaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota
AFAAAssociation of Faculties of Agriculture in Africa
AFAAAustralian Floral Art Association Inc.
AFAAAtkinson Faculty Alumni Association
AFAAAutomated Functional Applications Analyst
AFAAAirman Apprentice, Aircraft Maintenanceman Striker (Naval rating)
AfaaAfghanistan Assistance Agency
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The MoU was signed by Head of ACCA Middle East, Lindsay Degouve de Nuncques on behalf of ACCA and Mr Hatem Kawasmy, chairman of the AFAA board and Dr Farid Fawzy, member of AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association) on behalf of AFAA at the Accounting and Auditing Profession in the Arab World event, hosted by AFAA in Cairo.
The agreement was signed at the Accounting and Auditing Profession in the Arab World event, hosted by AFAA in Cairo.
AFAA offers different types of audits to assist commanders in determining if their organizations are operating at optimal levels: general audits, implementation audits and follow-on audits.
Through a competitive application process, AFAA selected six organizations for exemplary results-oriented employment, residential support and community life programs.
He added that the AFAA decided to re-form committees and draft a new strategy to control the work of AFAA.
Javed Jabbar shared his memories of the difficulties being faced while forming the AFAA back in the 70s.
But a groundswell of support regarding the establishment of a National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) has gained momentum, and AFAA has decided to join forces since--this time--the advantages are distinct and evident for fitness professionals.
Front row (I-r): Ellen Hester, AFAA vice president; Teresa Vega, vice president for 311 HWG/HSW & AFCEE; Charlene Houghton, Publications; Jane Keller, Retiree/Corporate Liaison; Lieutenant Colonel Carol Giachetti, president; Mary Bilbrey, historian; BettyAnn Rosales, secretary; Yolanda Strong, Membership; Teresa Maria Von Straden, 37 CPTS Lackland vice president; Douglas Ochodnicky, treasurer; Master Sergeant Lorrice Jones, AFSAT vice president.
The road to becoming an AFAA Fitness Practitioner has been a long one for Pamela Myers.
Whether in wartime or peacetime, AFAA auditors enthusiastically participate as full partners in Air Force operations.
AFAA is here to support you in any way it can--feel free to visit our Web site at www.
First, we will present the history of the Air Force and the history of the AFAA itself.