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AFAMAmerican Folk Art Museum (New York)
AFAMAlmost Family (est. 1976)
AFAMAlta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (Italian: Higher Education in Art and Music)
AFAMAtomic Force Acoustic Microscopy (imaging)
AFAMAir Force Achievement Medal
AFAMAir Force Acquisition Model (early US DoD Acquisition Deskbook)
AFAMAfrican American Civil War Memorial (US National Park Service)
AFAMAdvanced Fresh Air Management (refrigeration; Thermo King)
AFAMAncient Free and Accepted Mason
AFAMATRRS Funding Allocation Model
AFAMAdvanced Field Artillery Model
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AFAM Capital's Buckingham would like to see stronger earnings growth.
Although I was greatly impacted by classes such as AFAM, there were many others which aligned with what Dr.
9a, an AFAM amplitude image of untreated ABS PB nodules was identified and their sizes measured up to a maximum diameter of 1 pm.
The richness of these new interdisciplinary exchanges is missing from the reductive portrayal of preservation in the AFAM debate.
En dicho trabajo se realizan simulaciones aritmeticas con seis escenarios distintos de INR, todos ellos manteniendo la recaudacion constante que surge de la diferencia entre las estimaciones de lo que se recauda por IRPF y lo que se transfiere por AFAM.
En la estimacion correspondiente a AFAM es importante tener en cuenta que el intervalo de confianza del 95 % incluye al 1 y por ende, deba ser tomada con precaucion.
Washington, who is president of AFAM Concept, a Chicago-based hair care manufacturer, will lead AHBAI in supporting and stimulating the ethnic health and beauty aids industry.
He began working part time at AFAM during his senior year at the University of Southern California and has been at the firm ever since.
With this in mind, we should probably be more concerned about the design with which the AFAM is being replaced than with its demolition.
This archival investigation establishes that the BSU, OBSS, and AFAM are the institutional legacies and manifestations of the victories institutionalized do to the success of the Black Camps Movement at LMU.
JUST SO WE'RE clear, AFAM stands for Al Frank Asset Management.
8) 0 (0) 3 (3) (b) AA 76 (96) 29 (100) 105 (97) (c) AG 3 (4) 0 (0) 3 (3) (d) GG 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) (e) * AFAM stands for African-American and CAU stands for Caucasian a: p < 0.