AFAPArmy Family Action Plan
AFAPAttenuated Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (clinical syndrome)
AFAPAustralian Federation of Air Pilots
AFAPAs Fast As Possible
AFAPAs Far As Possible (chat)
AFAPAustralian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific
AFAPArthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
AFAPActin Filament Associated Protein
AFAPArmy Family Advocacy Program
AFAPArtillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
AFAPArmed Fly Along Probe
AFAPAs Frequently as Possible
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The committee recommended to the AFC Executive Committee the inclusion of National Association of Brunei Darussalam in the programme, amendment to allocation under AFAP grant and amendments to the AFAP regulations.
No gross rearrangements were detected in the 32 AFAP mutation-negative families.
As in most previous research, no gross rearrangements were detected in the 30 AFAP families.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: FAP, familial adenomatous polyposis; AFAP, attenuated FAP; wt, wild type; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization; QRT-PCR, quantitative real-time PCR; MLPA, multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification; QMPSF, quantitative multiplex PCR of short fluorescent fragments; HNPCC, hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer.
s] = 0, reflects the case in which the AFAP invests entirely in risk-free real assets, earning a certain rate of return equal to r.
This limiting case reflects the common-sense result that if the AFAP invests entirely in risk-free assets earning r, then the value of the guarantee equals zero for m [less than or equal to] r, but the value of the guarantee is non-random and equal to 100 x (m - r) for m [greater than] r.
For Republica AFAP, providing excellent customer service is a key part of our mission as an organization," said Juan Pablo Raineri, Quality Manager, of Republica AFAP.
Prior to implementing the Onyx solution, Republica AFAP was using several internal systems to manage customer relationships.
New capabilities for the MediaStream 8000 HD/SD play-to-air server will include the addition of up to 32 audio channels per video clip and support for new AFAP (As Fast As Possible) bandwidth throttling technology that enables lossless editing directly in MPEG-2 IBP formats using Pinnacle Liquid(TM) Broadcast version 6.
The top five issues brought forward in the 2004 AFAP Conference were:
To get involved in your local AFAP, review current issues or read AFAP success stories, go to www.
This allows for fast video file transfer, and when a realtime-stream session needs bandwidth the bandwidth of the AFAP operation is reduced; thereby using the server bandwidth to maximum advantage.