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Religious activities at the mosque also continue well after iftar, with the nightly Taraweeh prayers being led by well-known imams like Shaikh Mishary Al Afasi and Shaikh Idrees Abkar, said Abdul Aziz Al Maamari, acting director of communication and cultural activities at the SZGMC.
Stemming from the bank's keenness to establish social bonds between members of the society during Ramadan, a programme of events and activities have been prepared starting with the distribution of a Quran CD to all employees and customers in the voice of Sheikh Mishari Al Afasi and available at all of the bank's 18 branches," Dr Sadeq Abul, the economic research department manager and board secretary of KIB said.
Mohammed al Afasi, Chairman of the 27th AGCC Labour Ministers Council pointed out in his speech that the Gulf countries issued major amendments in the labour law during the past years.