AFCAAAir Force Cost Analysis Agency
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Both sets of activities will help AFCAA in providing timely, substantiated and quality cost estimates to their many customers throughout the Air Force systems acquisition family.
In support of AFCAA, the company has also performed cost analysis research on such major Air Force programs as the EF-111A and the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS).
While still considered a beta product, the AFCAA is working with the Air Force total ownership cost program team (VAMOSC for other services) to develop an alternative delivery method for AFCAP that better serves customers, reduces e-mail traffic, and provides user trace-ability for future updates.
The author thanks the members of the AFCAA team for inputs and edits.
The AFCAA Aircraft Division developed collaborative cost estimates with ASC for the B-2 Extremely High Frequency (EHF) program and the C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP).
In a similar fashion, the AFCAA Space Division worked closely with the MILSATCOM program office and SMC/FM to develop a joint independent cost and schedule estimate for the USAF multi-billion dollar Transformational Communications Satellite (TSAT) development and acquisition.
Representatives from SAF/FMC and AFCAA currently lead three FM transformation initiatives: Reengineering Acquisition Decision Support, Expanding Activity Based Costing within the Air Force, and Reengineering Analytical Education and Training.
In the latest study, AFCAA assisted DCMA by analyzing a defense contractor's business base projections.
246) There was nothing to indicate in the record whether the government could have procured the attendance of the victim who wrote the letter at trial, and the CAAF held that the AFCAA "misapplied this foundational requirement of MRE 807, looking at the evidence that was produced rather than at evidence that could have been produced.