AFCFAdvanced Fuel Cycle Facility (DOE project at Idaho National Lab)
AFCFAssociation des Femmes Chefs de Famille (French: Association of Women Heads of Family; Mauritania)
AFCFAfter Former Conviction of a Felony (criminal law)
AFCFAntibody-Forming Cell Focus (molecular biology)
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The AFCF is due to declare, during the congress, the "Arab integrity award, " to be granted to an Arab personality for playing a noticeable role in combat against "economic and security crimes.
Shedding further light on the AFCF actions, Al-Otaibi disclosed that the federation planned to establish an Arab academy, specialized in sciences of combating counterfeiting and forgery.
I greatly appreciate being honored by the AFCF and believe strongly in the mission of their organization," added Brandon.
The AFCF, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization was established by the AFCA in 1998 to fund its education mission.
The AFCF Board sought to choose an individual for the 2006 AFCF CEO Coach of the Year Award who was representative of The Foundation's leadership qualities.
Dinner guests will be a part of the first presentation of the AFCF CEO Coach of the Year ring.
Designate AFCF through the United Way: EIN #91-1932432
The AFCF is a public foundation; meaning individuals, institutions, foundations, and corporations may make tax-exempt donations.