AFCSPArizona Family College Savings Program (tax-favored account)
AFCSPAir Force Competitive Shooting Program
AFCSPAir Force Cryptologic Support Program
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With the market as sensitive as it is, the CDs available through the AFCSP are ideal for those wanting a secure way to save for college.
Make sure to enroll in a new account or contribute to your existing AFCSP account before December 31, 2011 in order to be eligible for 2011 tax deductions.
While market conditions are affecting us all, on behalf of the AFCSP, it has been a pleasure to inform all Bank customers that their money is FDIC insured, principal is protected and their child's future has, is and will always be safeguarded.
With dedication from College Savings Bank and the unique and innovative product options, the AFCSP can help families everywhere save for higher education expenses.
With the introduction of the InvestorSure CD to the AFCSP, contributors will have the potential to benefit from any gains in the stock market while avoiding any potential risk of losing principal.
We are happy to now be able to offer the InvestorSure CD to AFCSP customers and pass along the unique benefits of this product," said Linda Green, AVP for College Savings Bank.
In addition to offering the safety of FDIC insurance, the InvestorSure CD in the AFCSP also provides tax advantages.