AFCYBERAir Force Cyber Command (US DoD)
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AFCYBER has a long-standing relationship with San Antonio, Texas (referred to as "Cyber City USA"), which includes civic-leader engagements to swap lessons related to cybersecurity and support programs to engage young students.
AFCYBER leverages expertise from the Air Force Research Laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, MITRE, Air Force Institute of Technology, National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Air University, and the U.
She is also the commander, AFCYBER, and is responsible for providing combatant commanders with trained and ready cyber forces to plan and conduct cyberspace operations.
Do you think that AFCYBER will serve as a blue print to other defense and federal organizations in regard to offensive, tactical use of the cyber domain?
CHIPS: I read that AFCYBER is going to be more of a tactical command, taking on the offensive approach to network operations.
The seven AFRC units included in the AFCYBER organizational structure are the 310th Communications Flight at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.
However, Air Force officials have not yet decided where AFCYBER headquarters will be located.
Defense Systems stated, through this collaboration, the AFCEC and AFCYBER wil also focus on formulating a software program to monitor, detect and restore ICS.
AFCYBER (P) Mission and the National Ends, Ways, and Means
The AFCYBER (P) mission and vision statements define who we are, why we exist, and what we seek to achieve.
Highlights on the organizational structure of AFCYBER
Information on future AFCYBER technology and professional services related business opportunities