AFCYBERAir Force Cyber Command (US DoD)
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Do you think that AFCYBER will serve as a blue print to other defense and federal organizations in regard to offensive, tactical use of the cyber domain?
CHIPS: I read that AFCYBER is going to be more of a tactical command, taking on the offensive approach to network operations.
CHIPS: There is speculation in the trade press that the Air Force stood up AFCYBER to prepare for cyber conflicts with China, given that many attacks against U.
CHIPS: AFCYBER will apply the Laws of Armed Conflict, which include rules of engagement, delivering proportional responses to attacks and observing distinctions between combatants and civilians.
CHIPS: What progress have you made thus far in making AFCYBER fully operational?
CHIPS: Can you envision what a typical day at AFCYBER will be like once you are fully operational?
CHIPS: Will warfighters on the ground be able to call on AFCYBER for air cover or electronic warfare assets?
CHIPS: Will AFCYBER be issuing policy and monitoring networks, combat systems and the command and control structure?
However, Air Force officials have not yet decided where AFCYBER headquarters will be located.
HQ AFCYBER is authorized 541 positions to carry out its mission, and officials are planning to organize the command under a distributed command concept, whereby those positions will be spread across numerous bases.
The AFCYBER provisional team is still determining the exact numbers and details of what this staffing will look like, who will be assigned to the command and from where those resources will originate.
Information on future AFCYBER technology and professional services related business opportunities