AFDMAsh Free Dry Mass
AFDMMedium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (Non Self-Propelled)
AFDMAfrican Diamond Company, Inc. (stock symbol)
AFDMAboriginal Family Decision Making (indigenous initiative; Australia)
AFDMAdvanced Fluid Dynamics Model
AFDMAlianza Federal de Mercedes (Spanish: Federal Alliance of Land Grants; Mexico)
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hanleyanus with values of other Donax species, all published values were converted to AFDM (according to Brey et al.
where M is the AFDM (g), L is the shell length of the size class (mm), and a and b are constants.
In the scenario contemplated by African Diamond, the Company would contract with Lost Creek to arrange contract mining operators for the property that AFDM will sublease from Lost Creek leaving Lost Creek with a royalty to be negotiated later on a case by case basis.
894 (measured in micromolecules of oxygen per hour, grams AFDM, and degrees Kelvin), where D = -0.
The initial full factorial ANCOVA model of body and shell mass ln(AFDM) and ln(SDM) versus ln(shell height) and site indicated all sites differ significantly with the exceptions of the Norwegian coast and German Bight, and White Sea and Kiel Bay in AFDM, and Norwegian coast and the German Bight and the White Sea and Kattegat in SDM, respectively (Table 2).
AFDM is working on possible joint partnering agreements worldwide.