AFECOAir Force Electronic Combat Office
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AFECO had indeed disappeared into a new electronic combat organization which formed when the Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance System Program Office split into two parts (the EC branch retained the familiar RW designation).
We had received significant complements over the last few years on the services and products that we have provided to the user community from AFECO.
AFECO is now working on a number of efforts, including the US Air Force Tanker Defensive Systems Analysis, where candidate solutions for an infrared countermeasures system to protect these assets is being analyzed.
Other activities include the B-1B Missile Warning Study, where AFECO is conducting an analysis to investigate and define missile warning requirements for this aircraft in a conventional role, and the Millimeter Wave (MMW) Military Worth Analysis.
The ECSRL, a state-of-the art simulation research lab, was co-dedicated by Wright Laboratory and AFECO to further EC development.
While the future merger of the AFSC and AFLC, the disestablishment of AFECO and the streamlined mission of Wright Laboratory may have raised uncertainties in the minds of those waiting there, their workload has not diminished.
The impending sale of AFECO will enable us to concentrate on our core business," said Michael J.
Again, Warner Robins finds itself in the thick of the program, working closely with MAC and AFECO.
According to Col Mike Bednarz, program director for reconnaisance and EW programs at Wright-Patterson and commander of AFECO, medium-threat environments will be the next object of scrutiny.