AFEIAssociation For Enterprise Integration
AFEIAustralian Federation of Employers and Industries
AFEIArab Federation for Engineering Industries (Egypt)
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Through business, government, and academic alliances AFEI provides a platform for networking and interaction on the critical enterprise information issues of today: Cybersecurity, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Agile, Architecture and Social.
The annual AFEI Enterprise Integration award recognizes contributions and achievements of government and industry project teams.
AFEI just completed the 5th Annual Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture Conference in San Antonio, TX, where 560 attendees participated in the 5-day event focused on "Unity of Effort - Readiness for Action - Mission Success
The Department of Defense, Office of the Deputy CIO presented the first DoD Enterprise Architecture Achievement (DEAA) Awards at their Annual DoD Enterprise Architecture Conference in Orlando, Florida hosted by the AFEI.
AFEI is pleased that our independent judges selected the USSTRATCOM Commanders' UDOP as the industry award winner this year," said Dave Chesebrough, president of AFEI.
AFEI is also a founding member of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations, which is driving the establishment of professional standards and education for enterprise architecture.
Together AFEI Government stakeholders and Industry members examine policy, technology and cultural issues and solutions.
Integrating the interoperability mission of the AFEI with the reach and credibility of Aviation Week is powerful and exciting for those charged with defining the future of the battlefield," said Kenneth E.
The Conference is part of a series of meetings presented jointly by the Department of Defense CIO Office, through its partnership with AFEI.
AFEI provides a unique venue for trusted collaboration between Government stakeholders and Industry members to examine policy, technology and cultural issues and solutions.
Following the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of May 15th 2003, Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (NYSE: GGY; Euronext: 12016) mandated CIC Securities, on Friday the 16th of May 2003, for a liquidity contract in conformity with the AFEI Business Ethic Chart.
The AFEI has recently partnered with the Department of Defense (DoD) CIO Office and leading industry companies to develop a plan addressing issues critical to the evolution of the DoD Enterprise Information Environment Mission Area, which is one of the four areas that make up the DoD's Global Information Grid, the overarching architecture for the DoD's business systems modernization.