AFEMArmed Forces Expeditionary Medal
AFEMAdaptive Finite Element Method (mathematics)
AFEMAutonomous Foreign Exchange Market (est. 1995)
AFEMAlliance for Fire and Emergency Management
AFEMAssociation des Femmes Éducatrices du Mali (French: Association of Women Educators in Mali)
AFEMAir Force Emergency Management (US Air Force)
AFEMAnsvar for Egen Mestring (Norwegian: Responsibility for Self Mastery)
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The computation was carried out with SC Toolbox, hp-FEM, and AFEM and for the range of computed values, the respective graphs coincide.
In the interior case, both SC Toolbox and hp-FEM give similar results, but AFEM in its standard setting does not reach the desired accuracy.
What is more, it also influences the optimality of the AFEM.
We are now in the position to present our adaptive algorithm AFEM.
VFW has welcomed Vietnam vets into its ranks since 1962, shortly after the AFEM was created.
Joint Forge, the present operation, was not originally included with the first two operations (Joint Endeavor and Joint Guard) in the 1998 Defense Authorization bill, which set forth AFEM guidelines for Bosnia service.
VFW recruiters should note that the AFEM guidelines for Bosnia do not apply to Operation Allied Force, which was the NATO mission against Yugoslavia.
The VFW saw to it that they rated the AFEM under the Defense Authorization Act signed Nov.
Service in the no-fly zones qualifies for the AFEM and thus VFW membership.