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AFESArmed Forces Emergency Services
AFESAustralian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (see IFES)
AFESAgricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
AFESAutomatic Fire Extinguishing System
AFESArmy Frequency Engineering Software
AFESAutomated Financial Entitlements System
AFESAutomatic Feature Extraction System
AFESAlternative Flared End Section (construction)
AFESAir Force Evaluation System
AFESA-Band Frequency Extended System (E3GS)
AFESArmy Frequency Engineering System
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Inside the crew compartment, make sure shipping caps have been removed and stowed in the cap bag and replaced with the AFES nozzle.
So the way you see the AFES routed in HMMWVs with the integrated radio rack installed could vary.
An unreliable AFES puts you and other soldiers in your M1114 in danger.
Nextel Partners will collect, recycle and/or refurbish the phones, with proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross AFES program.