AFETAssociation Française d'Entérostoma-Thérapeutes
AFETAsociación de Farmacéuticos Empresarios de Tarragona
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Scherpner, Martin and Christian Schrapper 1981 75 Jahre AFET.
For the AFET, see Scherpner and Schrapper (1981) and Wollasch and Kaiser (1989).
Gary Bass, OMB Watch Executive Director and AFET steering committee member, said, "The presence of an estate tax provides an incentive for the wealthy to contribute to charitable organizations.
We can hope for a spirit of goodwill and that people will give money," said Gary Bass, executive director of OMB Watch and chairman of AFET.
He addressed the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and held a meeting with Elmar Brok, chairman of AFET, where they exchanged views on regional developments in the Middle East.
Even an amendment that called on the Hizmet for more transparency, a motion that was publicly supported by Hizmet, was dropped by the members of AFET, perhaps to send a crystal clear message to Mr.
Adding to the growing tension, the Turkish government also cancelled an appointment with an AFET delegation and refused to schedule new appointments with the EU body.
In the AFET meeting, Greek Socialist Maria Eleni Koppa said Erdoy-an's real power will be shown "by exercising humility and accepting to apologize.