AFEWCAir Force Electronic Warfare Center
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Noninstrumented test ranges can call on AFEWC to provide monitoring equipment.
AFEWC has been working on the program for approximately two years, and hopes to have a "roduction" version ready within the next 12 months.
While AFEWC will carry responsibility for validating vulnerability assessments of Air Force systems, it is not anticipated that all of these assessments will be performed by the military; contractor help is envisioned.
A list of the programs AFEWC has aided appears in Table 1.
To solve this problem, AFEWC developed a program to generate MOEs.
In the future, Peacock anticipates AFEWC will be involved in determining the winner of the EF-111 System Improvement Program.
The two organizations often support each other; for example, AFEWC maintains some of the data bases used by the JEWC to complete studies and analyses.