AFEXAssociated Foreign Exchange
AFEXAdvanced Furnace for Microgravity Experiment with X-Ray Radiography
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AFEX is one of the largest non-bank global payment provider that provides market expertise and unrivalled customer service for businesses and private clients.
Currently, AFEX has the whole corner of the market--the exchange has exclusive rights to operate in Rwanda, and gained support of the presidents of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda as a regional exchange; it also holds a licence from the Nigerian Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as the country's first and only private sector commodity exchange.
Under the assignment GDC Matanda will hold a 75% participating interest in the PSC and AFEX will have a 25% participating interest in the PSC.
Headquartered in California with offices throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, AFEX trades more than $15 billion in foreign exchange every year,.
After testing its process on simple sugars such as glucose and xylose, DEINOVE contacted MBI to test the DEINOL technology on AFEX pretreated corn stover.
The AFEX fire suppression system itself is designed for redundant system activation; in the event of an electrical system failure, the system can still be actuated manually.
Commenting on the project, Tim Shortley, Chief Operating Officer at AFEX, said: aACoeThe timing for the project is ideal because trading and storing of harvested commodities just started and the system is ready.
L'EAX, la premiere bourse AFEX, est la premiere bourse regionale de marchandises creee pour faire le lien entre les petits agriculteurs et les marches agricoles et financiers, assurer des prix competitifs pour leurs produits et faciliter l'acces aux possibilites de financement.
AFEX attempts to answer this question in an informed manner.
LN), an Africa-based conglomerate, has agreed to acquire Kenya-based AFEX, a company that offers secure accommodation for oil workers and miners in east Africa.
In the coming weeks and months, Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies will be launching a new international website and attending international packaging trade shows including Pack Expo International (Chicago, IL); Fachpack (Nurnberg, Germany); Macropak (Utrecht, Holland); and AFEX (Manilla, Philippines).
54,55) Methods such as dilute acid, hot water, steam explosion, AFEX, ammonia recycle percolation and limes are capital intensive, (53) whereas others, such as biological pretreatment, are extremely slow.