AFFFAqueous Film Forming Foam
AFFFAmsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
AFFFAgent Formant un Film Flottant (French: Film Forming Foam Agent)
AFFFAqueous Fire Fighting Foam
AFFFAsian Festival of First Films (est. 2005)
AFFFAsymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (chromatography technique)
AFFFAKR's Free Form Framework
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This feat is achieved due to the key ingredient of AFFF, which is a fluorinated surfactant.
The fire-party chief had hustled below decks and secured the AFFF station.
One industrious airman from the line shack was washing the bulkhead adjacent to an AFFF manual-release handle when he inadvertently knocked the handle and actuated the AFFF system.
The hangar AFFF system extinguished the fire before anything was damaged or anyone got hurt.
Tenders are invited for Annual Contract of mechanical works for Installation and commissioning of new equipments and engineering systems inside glove box; operation & maintenance of grinding machine, wire wrapping machine; maintenance & storage of packages for fuel pin transfer in the laboratories of AFFF Tarapur Eligibility Criteria : Documentary evidence from appropriate authority of having satisfactorily completed as main contractor three similar works each costing not less than Rs.
AFFF/PKP Extinguishers: 75% of units surveyed were missing required rubber bumpers for AFFF and PKP extinguisher brackets.
A second after that thought crossed my mind, I noticed large amounts of water and foam flowing from the AFFF cannon dispensers in HSL-41's hangar, but, for some reason, it wasn't flowing from ours or HSL-45's, yet.
AFFF concentrate for submarines is both class and equipment specific.