AFGEAmerican Federation of Government Employees
AFGEAssociation of Federal Government Employees
AFGEAmerican Forum for Global Education
AFGEAir Fluid Gas Exchange
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Joining AFGE in signing the letter were the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; the FAA Managers Association, the National Association of Government Employees; the National Federation of Federal Employees; the Professional Association of Aeronautical Center Employees; and the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists.
It is important to emphasize that groups like the AFGE, NMU, and the ACT are staunchly patriotic, conservative in their approach to social change, and professedly bread-and-butter unions.
Building on their victory in the series of Chertoff decisions against MAXHR, the AFGE made virtually the same argument; (133) that regardless of any right to waive Chapter 71, NSPS was still required to ensure collective bargaining, which it had not.
TABLE 3 AFL-CIO REPORTS OF EMPLOYEES JOINING THE LABOR MOVEMENT BY UNION, 1998-2005 * (Percent from Card Checks) Reported Reported Reported Card Total Union ** Incidents Elections Checks Employees AFGE 34 30 3 31,556 (3.
Scott and Katie took their AFGE and chose to share their story with the world by writing a book to serve as an inspiration to others facing their own medical challenges.
Our members fully appreciate the need to safeguard classified and other highly sensitive information against unauthorized disclosure," wrote NTEU president Colleen Kelley and AFGE president John Gage in a November 23 letter to DHS Secretary Tom Ridge.
According to AFGE National President John Gage, "No one knows better than federal corrections officers how to create a safer environment in our federal prisons.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) managers are "ill-prepared to manage the federal government's airport screener workforce," says AFGE President John Gage.
Previously, he served as AFGE national secretary-treasurer, and national vice president for a district comprising most of the U.
TSA's broad and highly questionable personnel authority certainly does not include taking away first-amendment rights," said AFGE President Bobby L.