AFGLSCAir Force Global Logistics Support Center (US Air Force)
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Developing a plan for integrating DLA and AFGLSC Fusion Center concepts
Defining the issues between DLA and AFGLSC, including:
DLA and AFGLSC working together on collaborative planning, sourcing strategies, distribution planning, and other methods of optimizing the supply chain for consumable items and sourcing strategies for DLRs
This study is limited to the functions that personnel in the AFGLSC perform currently.
The SORTS output would be available to MAJCOM and base managers for planning and contingency execution and to AFGLSC stock control personnel to take action (buy, repair or redistribute) to fill equipment shortages.
It was also unclear what office in the AFGLSC should process the transactions.
The report recommended enterprise assessments be used for Status of Readiness and Training System (SORTS) and that eventually, the AFGLSC should provide SORTS reporting for spares.
Additionally, the AFGLSC should have preestablished SBSS accounts that allow replenishment requisitions almost immediately upon transfer to a previously nonoperational contingency base.
The AFGLSC can and does robust RSPs from worldwide stock prior to deployment, replenishes stock immediately upon deploying to contingency operations, redistributes assets, and reallocates levels to support contingencies.
The AFGLSC concept was designed to reduce the mobility footprint and consolidate weapons system support into two functions: Combat Air Forces (CAF) and Mobility Air Forces (MAF) materiel management.
Working through the AFGLSC, the MSL ensures the right part is ordered to provide the right capability.
To compensate for this, the AFGLSC does a rack and stack within a F/AD based on the Joint Chiefs of Staff Project Codes--9GJ for Iraq and 9GF for Afghanistan.