AFIDAnti-Felon Identification
AFIDAffiliate ID
AFIDAgency for International Development
AfiDAlles fuer Ihren Drucker (German: Everything for Your Printer)
AFIDAssociação Nacional de Famílias para a Integração da Pessoa Deficiente (Portugese)
AFIDAlkali Flame Ionization Detector
AFIDAmerican Institute of Floral Designers
AFIDAnti-Fratricide Identification Device
AFIDAssociation of Freelance Internet Designers
AfIDAmt für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung
AFIDArmed Forces Institute of Dentistry (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
AFIDAssociation of Franchise and Independent Distributors
AFIDA Friend In Deed (electronic alarm and emergency response system)
AFIDAgentur Für Immobilien Dienste (German)
AFIDAnatolian Federated Islamic State
AFIDAutonomous Fabric Identifier (Cisco)
AFIDArmed Forces Identification Card
AFIDAnarkistføderationen I Danmark (Dansh: Anarchist Federation of Denmark)
AFIDApparatus Field Inspection Duty (FDNY)
AFIDAdvanced Frontiers in Drug Design, Discovery, Development and Delivery
AFIDArizona Foreign Investment Directory
AFIDAustralian Film Institute Distribution
AFIDAssociació de Funcionaris Interins Docent
AFIDAnti-Fratricide Devices
AFIDAssociation Femmes Initiatives Developpement (French)
AFIDAlicia Friedmann Interior Design
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Train routes which remained outside and inactive or railway stations which are not being used as train stations will be sold by the AFID.
Michael Armstrong, who runs AFID Design, will exhibit his distinctive coat stand and sideboard.
TASER International's unique AFID tracking system enforces accountability for each use via the dispersal of tiny unique coded tags every time the device is fired.
AFID LI, AFRB LI AFI Development reported 26% y-o-y growth of 9M sales.
AFID LI, AFRB LI AFI Development expects 14% reduction of portfolio value from $2.
By strengthening our AFID system with the premier identification system, we have solidified our verification process to our registration and tracking system which has proven itself for the past decade," concluded Mr.
AFID LI, AFRB LI AFI Development [ETH]3/4[ETH][paragraph][ETH][cedilla][ETH][acute accent][ETH][degrees][ETH][micro]N N[ETH]3/4[ETH]*N[ETH][degrees]N[ETH][micro][ETH]1/2[ETH][cedilla]N NN[ETH]3/4[ETH][cedilla][ETH]1/4[ETH]3/4NN[ETH][cedilla] [ETH] [ETH]3/4NNN[ETH][micro][ETH]'N [ETH] N[ETH]3/4[ETH][micro][ETH]*N[ETH]3/4[ETH][sup.
The AFID Therapeutics' offerings are aimed at targets such as kinases, proteases, phosphatases, glycosidases, glycosyltransferases, ribosomes, nucleic acids, monamine oxidases, adrenergic receptors and nucleic acids.
One of my goals as a chemist is to raise the bar on the level of sophistication and complexity of the chemistry that can be obtained free and clear with no IP issues just by writing a purchase order" says Rawle Hollingsworth, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of AFID Therapeutics.
Tenders are invited for Addition/Alteration To Afids Building And Repairs To Sanitary Annexes,Sanitary Lines,Animal House, Cook House And Certain Other Works Chaf Bangalore
Product Sub-Category: Addition Alteration To Afids Building And Repairs
The Derry system was provided by Airport Information Systems (AIS) and its AFIDS (Airport FIDS) is designed to provide: "full functioned flight information, gate information and baggage information integrated with airline back office functions and is designed to fully integrate with the other AIMS for Airports suite of modules, and includes many airport management reporting functions.