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AFIREAlliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment
AFIREAdvocates for Insuring Retardates Entitlements
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Tom was all afire and 'most out of breath when we come tearing in where Uncle Silas and Aunt Sally and Benny was.
An' he's a stout- hearted feller too, for when we saw the old tree all afire a- comin' across the fields one night, an' we thought as it war a boguy, Seth made no more ado, but he up to't as bold as a constable.
She'd set the 'ouse afire in a minute, she's that forward with the matches.
His lust and greed were afire, while his vanity had been wounded to the core.
For that he's all afire wi' love for her any eye can see.
Then down they had come at last to hover over City Hall Park, and it had crept in upon his mind,, chillingly, terrifyingly, that these illuminated black masses were great offices afire, and that the going to and fro of minute, dim spectres of lantern-lit grey and white was a harvesting of the wounded and the dead.
Your mother's beauty kept Helium at war for many years, and--well, Tara of Helium, if I were a young man I should doubtless be willing to set all Barsoom afire to win you, as I still would to keep your divine mother," and he smiled across the sorapus table and its golden service at the undimmed beauty of Mars' most beautiful woman.
I am afire with what I have to say in verse, and fiction, and essay.
This was the ruined cathedral, built at the time when the entire population was converted, and it was a large order; but I was afire with love, and I told her that the church I would build would be even bigger.
She sat up straight on his knees and looked at him, afire with an idea.
As the three ground out the music of the square dance, I gazed at the old Venetian noble, thinking thoughts that set a young man's mind afire at the age of twenty.
I wish you wouldn't come here; they'll be setting the Mansion House afire next, and we shall have you to thank for it.