AFIRSAutomated Flight Information Reporting System
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Bahamasair, which operates in the Caribbean, will add AFIRS to their current fleet of ATR and B737 aircraft.
The 228B is the first release in the series of 228 products, which are a new generation of AMA's AFIRS product line that has been delivered to over 35 customers around the world for installation on over 300 aircraft across seven continents.
In contrast to "virtually no profit" in its latest financial results, Young argued, AFIRS should be making an operating profit of between 15 million [pounds sterling] (about $28.
The initial contract for the sale of AFIRS hardware is valued at approximately USD 1.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 21, 2017-FLYHT sells AFIRS to Chinese Airline, initial contract valued at USD 1.
4-inch displays, GFC700 autopilot, 1090ES ADS-B transponder, dual AFIRS, a flight management system keyboard, engine indicating system, dual alternators, dual electrical bus and dual lead-acid batteries.
The company is installing the AFIRS 228 on two Boeing 777-200 aircraft.
The operator is adding new Airbus A320 aircraft to its current fleet of CRJ-900 aircraft, and will install AFIRS as they take delivery of the new aircraft.
The company has been awarded a contract worth USD440,000 to install the AFIRS 220 on a total of five Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft of the airline.