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AFISAutomated Fingerprint Identification System
AFISAssociation Française pour l'Information Scientifique (French: French Association for Scientific Information; est. 1968)
AFISAerodrome Flight Information Service
AFISArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFISAutomated Fingerprinting Identification System (Pakistan)
AFISAgribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (professional designation)
AFISAir Force Intelligence Service
AFISAmministrazione Fiduciaria Italiana della Somalia (Italian Trusteeship of Somalia)
AFISAirborne Flight Information System
AFISAirborne Flight Information Service
AFISAnti-Fraud Information Service
AFISAir Force Intelligence System
AFISAmerican Forces Information Service/System
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The City of Huntsville Police Department NEC AFIS is pre-loaded with electronically-converted fingerprint images from the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) system, allowing the police department to immediately search known Huntsville records, and expand the search to the statewide database in the absence of matches at a local level.
Cogent has provided a very high level of quality support throughout the implementation process," commented Tom Hennig, AFIS and Livescan System Project Manager for San Joaquin County.
The device performs incredible an scanning rate of over 15 frames per second (in rolled fingerprint capture) which enables faster processing speed hence makes the device ideal for mass fingerprinting application such as nationwide AFIS operation.
AFIS Chairman Chris Christodoulou said that he hoped that "the finances of the scheme will soon allow for advertising to raise the public's environmental awareness".
While most other country's AFIS only focus on criminals' fingerprint indexing, KNPA's extensive AFIS database is made of ten-fingerprints from the country's entire population of over 40 million citizens, makeing up over 400 million fingerprint images.
when plots were machine harvested, blending seed cotton across fruiting positions, and ginned together), AFIS mean fiber length did not differ among plant densities (Bednarz et al.
McDonald, AFIS supervisor of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.
The FBI has been a supporter during the development of this standard, and has required that its AFIS system vendors comply with the provisions of the standard.
In addition, AFIS will reduce human error in fingerprint classification, which cause inaccuracies in criminal history databases.
Government regulations have made the AFIS biometrics market the highest revenue generator.
After two successful public procurement processes, Entry Point North was chosen to provide both Basic ATS, AFIS, Met-observation (AMO) and Instructor/Assessor training for Avinor AS and Avinor Flysikring of Norway.