AFISRAAir Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (US DoD)
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Such a system would also minimize (by almost a factor of two) the overhead money required to set up MAJCOMs that organize, train, and equip; instead of ACC, AFSPC, AFCYBER, and the AFISRA, we would now fund only a combat command and a combat support command.
Seen in this light, AFSPC's absorption of the AFISRA or vice versa is irrelevant as long as the effects producers end up in the right relative positions in AFC41SRC.
Removing them from the mix, were AFSPC and the AFISRA joined, would allow the newly formed AFC41SRC to concentrate on becoming the premier supplier of C41SR effects, a support function, to warriors across the Department of Defense and the intelligence community.
Apparently reacting to the same perceived proclivity among officers within the space community to favor platform over effect, the Air Force recently announced the formation of the very effects-based AFISRA.
Currently, stand-up of the AFISRA essentially involves only renaming the former Air Intelligence Agency, previously located under ACC.