AFITAir Force Institute of Technology
AFITActive Fuel Injector Tester (diagnostics)
AFITAccelerated Flight & Instrument Training (Newport Beach, CA)
AFITAsian Forum for Information Technology
AFITAsia Foundation in Taiwan (est. 1997)
AFITArmed Forces Institute of Transfusion (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
AFITAfter Federal Income Tax
AFITArizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation
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Lt Col Clay Koschnick, USAF, is an assistant professor of systems engineering in the Department of Systems Engineering and Management, AFIT.
Amongst the total of potential 4662 blood donors appearing to AFIT for blood donation, 346 were deferred (7.
For more information about the NWEPP Program, please visit the AFIT Web site at <http://www.
OCOS coordinated directly with the cadre at AFIT for possible reservations.
AFIT has three resident schools which offer graduate degree programs and numerous professional continuing education courses.
The NCMA Dayton Chapter founded this AFIT thesis honor as part of their local award and education programs.
2 and the Annual Kittyhawk Week September 19-22 in the AFIT Auditorium.
challenged me with the notion, "Why cannot senior noncommissioned officers who have earned their baccalaureates in technical fields go to AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology) alongside our officers to pursue advanced degrees.
AFIT clear acrylic tiles in one or two small groups.
Using modern technological tools to export education such as fiber optics, satellite video communications, computer based instruction, computer nets, fax machines and the like, AFIT is developing its own DL satellite-based network, "Air Technology Network" (ATN), a one-way video, two-way audio system which is now reaching all MAJCOM headquarters, and AFMC logistics and product centers.
He received his BBA in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame, his MS in Cost Analysis from AFIT, and his PhD in Economics from George Mason University.
He received a bachelor of business administration in accountancy from the University of Notre Dame, a master of science in cost analysis from AFIT, and a doctorate in economics from George Mason University.