AFIXAdditional Flexible Interface Xtension (plug-on daughtercard; Radstone)
AFIXAssessment Feedback Incentives Exchange (National Immunization Program, CDC)
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It also offers significant flexibility with two XMC/PMC sites and an AFIX (Additional Flexible Interface Extension) site that allows almost any customer application to be accommodated.
Its two PMC sites and single AFIX site can be employed simultaneously without sharing I/O pins with the on-board I/O features.
13 India Sales Forecast, 2007-2018 Companies Listed 3M Accenture AFIX Technologies Inc An Garda Siochana ANTS (National Secure Credentials Agency {France}) ASEC Atos Origin Aware, Inc.
Unparalleled flexibility is provided through the provision of not only two PMC/XMC sites (PCI-X 133 MHz/8-lane PCI Express) supporting I/O via P0 and P2, but also GE Fanuc's unique AFIX (Additional Flexible Interface Xtension) site that allows custom functionality to be added to the board at minimum cost and in minimum time.