AFLAArmed Forces Legal Assistance
AFLAAdolescent Family Life Act
AFLAAustronesian Formal Linguistics Association
AFLAAfrica Legal Aid
AFLAAssociation Française de Linguistique Appliquée (French: French Association for Applied Linguistics)
AFLAAmateur Fencers League of America
AFLAArchitectural Foundation of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
AFLAAlaskans for Language Acquisition
AFLAAutomotive Fleet and Leasing Association
AFLAAmerican Foreign Law Association, Inc.
AFLAAlaska Family Leave Act
AFLAAssociation For Legal Americans (blog)
AFLAArab Front for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz
AFLAAmerican Family Life Assurance Company
AFLAAssociation of Finnish Local Authorities (Finland)
AFLAAmerican Fleet Leasing Association
AFLAAlaska Foreign Language Association
AFLAAsian Federation of Library Associations
AFLAAccess & Fairness Leadership Academy (State Bar of California)
AFLAA Four Letter Acronym
AFLAAllegheny Foreign Language Association
AFLAAir Force Landscape Architecture
AFLAAnother Four Letter Acronym
AFLAAir Force of the Liberation Army (Laos)
AFLAAmerican and Foreign Law Association
AFLAAssociation Famille Levesque et Alliés (France)
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For a detailed history of the AFLA, see Rebeka Saul, Whatever Happened to the Adolescent Eamily Life Act?
Although AFLA has supported hundreds of relatively small teenage pregnancy prevention programs over the years (as well as programs providing support for pregnant and parenting teens), its total funding for abstinence-only education--currently at $13 million--has never been large.
T]he possibility or even the likelihood that some of the religious institutions who receive AFLA funding will agree with the message that Congress intended to deliver to adolescents through the AFLA is insufficient to warrant a finding that the statute on its face has the primary effect of advancing religion.
107) Moreover, he rejected the claim that AFLA was unconstitutional on its face, stating that the Court had never held that religious organizations are ineligible under the First Amendment from participating in publicly funded social welfare programs.
For a period of five years in the 1990s, following litigation commencing in 1983 which alleged that the AFLA violated the Establishment Clause, the AFLA operated under a settlement agreement providing that, among other things, AFLA programs must be medically accurate and may not include religious references.
More than $1 billion has been spent in federal and state matching funds through Section 510, AFLA, and SPRANS between 1996 and 2005.
AFLA helped usher in 20 years of debate at the federal, state and local level over whether sexuality education should exclusively promote abstinence or should take a more comprehensive approach.
AFLA required grant recipients to involve religious organizations in their programs, funded only programs that promoted abstinence and adoption, and prohibited funding to groups that provided information or counseling on abortion.
com)-- Donlen, the fleet industry's most customer-centric and technically integrated provider of financing and fleet management solutions, has announced today that Donlen's Amy Blaine, Vice President of Strategic Consulting, Analytics and Sustainability will lead the “Alternative Fuels & Fuel Technologies” forum at the AFLA Mid-Year Forum on April 30, 2015 in Chicago, IL.
Justice Blackmun in his dissent claimed that the Court's reliance on these three cases involving religiously affiliated liberal arts colleges was misplaced, and that the religious organizations receiving AFLA funds were more akin to the parochial schools found to be pervasively sectarian than to the three liberal arts colleges.