AFLICAmerican Founders Life Insurance Company (Scottsdale, AZ)
AFLICAssociates Financial Life Insurance Company (renamed American Health and Life Insurance Company)
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With the implementation of Global 360's solution, AFLIC has been able to shift its paper-based system to an electronically-based one.
AFLIC has drastically reduced administrative costs by storing all documents digitally and removing files and filing cabinets.
Upon the integration of newly acquired companies and members, AFLIC was faced with significant growth and a substantial increase of new documents on a daily basis.
AFLIC has been a member of the group for many years and contributes significantly to its overall market position.
Total stockholder dividend payments from AFLIC have exceeded total net income over the last five years and have contributed to a general decline in absolute capital and surplus during this period.
Standard & Poor's expects AFLIC to remain a core member of the American Family Mutual Insurance Group.
AFLIC is considered core to AFM because it serves the life insurance and annuity needs of AFM's property/casualty customer households, and its products are exclusively distributed by AFM's multi-line property/casualty agents.
The negative outlook on AFLIC results from its core relation to AFMIC.