AFLMAAir Force Logistics Management Agency
AFLMAAustralian Football League Membership Association
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AFLMA was activated effective 1 October 1975 as the Air Force Logistics Management Center (AFLMC) under Special Order G-93, under Air University at then Gunter Air Force Station in Montgomery, Alabama.
AFLMA and the working group conceptualized and designed a training architecture that provided the war-fighter with an integrated and networked tool that increased the interoperability of the various Services.
64) An AFLMA study revealed misalignment between the primary wing-level leadership C-5 metric, HSLDR, and the Air Mobility Command's primary metric of aircraft availability.
Considering the constant fluctuation in guard counts, AFLMA analysts felt a triangular distribution would be more appropriate and a distribution with a minimum of 9.
The 405th SCMS/GULA has developed some business rules for retention (see AFLMA Report LR200715100, Equipment Retention Analysis).
AFLMA Report LR201109404, Contingency Resupply Times documents that most contingency resupply times average less than 20 days and recommends the Air Force use variable resupply times in computing RSPs.
John Bell and Richard Hardemon, Total Not Mission Capable for Maintenance (TNMCM) Study, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex, Alabama: AFLMA, 2000, iv-v.
The AFLMA will have a key role in shaping and implementing transformation within the Air Force Logistics community.
In accomplishing the AFLMA mission stated above, the AFLMA will fulfill Air Force Mission Directive [MD] 33 (13 November 2002) which states:
The AFLMA is uniquely positioned to be a leader in logistics transformation efforts and the logistics go to problem solver for the US Air Force.
Upon receipt, the proposed study undergoes an extensive preliminary analysis and is submitted to the Director, AFLMA for approval.
Major Anthony Antoline, AFLMA Mr Scott Eder, Deloitte